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Starting an online small business

Starting an online small business

The most important step is first establishing a need in the market that needs to be filled. A lot of people make the mistake of looking for a product first instead of finding a market and then creating a product that will solve the market’s needs. In order to have better chances of success, start by finding a group of people that are searching for a solution to particular problem, this will be your market, and their solution, your product.

Nowadays the internet has made it very easy and less time consuming to carry out a market research. There are various ways through which market information can be obtained. One of the ways is by visiting online forums to find out what questions people are asking and what problems they are trying to solve. This may give you an idea of what type of product or service you should consider for your business. An easier route however would be to checkout your potential competitors by tracking their online presence to find out how they cater to their market and then creating a better product than that of the competitors for this market that already exists.  

The second step involving making a case for the product to the potential customers. With an online business, you need to make sure the headlines used arouse interest and are compelling. You need to clearly describe without ambiguity, the problem that the product solves. If possible, add testimonials from people who have tested the product and explain clearly how the product will benefit the user. The selling point will be how unique your product is from your competitors.

After the product and the market have been established, the attention should then turn to the selling process. When designing the website, remember to keep it simple. For example, one or two plain fonts on a white background. Make sure the navigation is consistent of every page. Some media formats such as videos and audio should only be used if it enhances your message. Make the whole buying process easy, preferably not more than two clicks, this ensures it stay customer friendly.

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