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Having a Business or Brand that you need it advertised online for free?

Advertising doesn’t need to be costly and with right way you can save more yet reaching your ideal target group. We provide a platform where you can post your items you are selling for free and also get an opportunity to hunt for new or old items you might be interested to buy.

If you have a business or a brand that you need advertised online for FREE, OOwee offers advertising spaces for online exposure!

What are requirements?

1. Business or a brand name
2. 0-5 images of your business/brand
3. 50-200 words content
4. URL link ”Read More tag” of your website/social media platform, etc

Email us the requirements at [email protected] or apply online¬†Here.

Advertising is totally FREE for the first 3 Months. Our goal is to help small businesses reach their ideal target group and increase their brand awareness.

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