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Black Friday-The Friday That Keeps Giving!

Black Friday-The Friday That Keeps Giving!

Black Friday is fast upon us. Very few people plan ahead while the majority prefer waking up early on the day and hitting their local stores to try and score some deals. The latter however, more often than not, leads to experiences that are not so exciting.

My first black Friday experience was not worth writing home about. I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to the nearest mall. Despite the fact that it was barely 7am when I got there, I was greeted by a multitude of people that also had similar plans as mine. I could barely squeeze myself through the mall entrance even though all the shops were still not open for business. Each and every shop had a very long queue stretching onto the corridors. All my hopes for getting a deal on the items I had planned for were quickly dashed.

I was disappointed because all my efforts so far had been in vain. The queues were so many and overlapping each other to the extent that I didn’t even know where the queue that I had joined was leading to. I decided to wait and go into whichever shop the queue leads me. I didn’t care about what shop it would be as long as I get a decent deal on whatever they had an offer. Essentially, the power of choosing what I wanted to buy had been taken away from me by the circumstances.

When the shops finally opened, there was chaos all over. People disregarded the queue and went rushing into whichever shop was closest to them. In a matter of minutes, all shops were fully packed to the extent that no more people were being allowed in. I stood there watching my chances of leaving with any deal diminish right in front of my eyes. There was really nothing more that I could do. I walked around the mall for about two more hours trying my luck at different shops with no success. I finally decided to head back.

Later in the day as I sat around surfing the internet feeling defeated, it is then that I realized that I should not have even left the house that morning. I would have easily gotten black Friday deals off the internet! I was so glad that finally there was a light at the end of the black Friday tunnel. The reasons for why I should have shopped online and why I always recommend it to all my friends were clearly becoming visible. Online shopping is very convenient. It can be done from anyway using various devices including lots of apps and websites that are available and easily accessible from our smartphones that we always carry around with us.

On such a day, it essential to always plan ahead to avoid overspending. Shopping online provides you with a wider variety of items and the ease of comparing prices from different stores. Sticking to your budget is very crucial because when you are presented with too many great offers, chances are that you may end up purchasing more than you had intended.  Purchasing online gives you total control of what to buy and when to buy with no pressure at all. There are no queues nor crowds to hamper your shopping experience.

As the day quickly approaches, a good idea is to start preparing a list of the item that you would like to purchase. This should be followed by a budget for the listed items that way it easier to keep your finances in check. With a lot of physical stores seeing the need for an online presence, this leaves shoppers in a bit of confusion about where they can get a variety of items under one roof and at incredible prices. This is where classifieds websites come in, such OOwee, which offers shoppers a wider variety of classifieds listings of items ranging from electronics, households goods, jobs, properties, vehicles etc.

This Black Friday, save yourself the hustle and bustle of mall corridors. Wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee just like you always do. Grab your device of choice and come over to OOwee, whether you’re looking for a good deal or you have an item for sale, satisfaction is guaranteed to both of you. If you have to go to work, worry not. Shopping online only requires very minimal time therefore you don’t have to skip work. Save your time and shop smart, shop online!

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